A Hard Earned Thirst

Matter of fact, she’s got one now.

Spotted this girl at the footy. She’ll forever be known as The VB Girl

Thats beer for all you non aussies. We don’t really drink Fosters you know. In fact I’ve never met one single person in my life who did drink it. Mind you we don’t all drink VB either. It’d be a Carlton Cold for me thanks.


8 thoughts on “A Hard Earned Thirst

  1. I think most of the Foster’s in the U.S. is consumed in California. When I moved out here, I noticed it seemed to be the beer of choice for 20-somethings wanting to get drunk at the beach. Us oldies however like Mexican beer: Dos Equis and Corona. I don’t know why. I suspect it’s usually nostalgia for all those vacation trips in Mexico.

    • My husband always drinks Corona when we go on holidays. Even if its just at the beach a couple of hours up the road. Maybe its too expensive to drink all the time. And he always gets the wedge of lime in it.

  2. Carlton has some of the best commercials! We had a summer of beer-testing and I’m surprised to find that I’ve preferred the dark beers in general. But I’m a disloyal wench. I’ll try just about anything once.

      • I have not but if I can find it, I will. I think I’ve had more beer this past summer than I’ve had in the preceding 10 years. Usually half a bottle because we shared them and those dark ones are like liquid whole grain bread. A blob of peanut butter and you’ve got a meal!

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