Like A Bat Out of Hell…… I was sort of like

So this morning, when I did my 40 minute “easy” run, I picked Stadium Fillers as my music option. I have a look at the four music channels we have and pick one. Max usually has a countdown of some kind and today was Stadium Fillers.

Man, I never knew Thriller went for so long.

In  my 40 minutes, I heard four songs. In this order.

Stairway To Heaven
Bat Out of Hell
Another Brick in the Wall

I’m still not sure if it made the time go faster or slower. Although it beats the day I picked the itunes top 50 countdown and had to listen to Bieber twice. And I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with him but we have to remember that I’m 46 and he’s about 10 or something. So when he’s singing something about wanting someone to love him, I’m thinking to myself, that would be your mother young man.

And the last thing I see is my heart
Still beating
Still beating
Oh breaking out of my body and flying away
Like a bat out of hell
Now that brings back some memories.



24 thoughts on “Like A Bat Out of Hell…… I was sort of like

  1. Ha! I had to chuckle at your pop music comment. I’m *only* 35 and I look at some of the “kids” today and what they’re singing about and think that they have no idea what they’re saying!

    • Oh look, my little profile pic has changed to a red pattern – I wonder how that happened.

      You’re saved from lots of awful bieber like stuff because you don’t have teenagers. There’s some concerning things out there Lavender.

  2. That is too funny. I know that two of the four songs you mentioned as very long. Stairway to heaven was “in” during one of my high school years and we used that as the theme for the prom. We sure liked slow dancing to that song *snirk!*

    Justin Beiber just kills me. In one video, the girl must be in her 20’s. I had to restrain myself from yelling, “JAIL BAIT.” And the way they try to make him look older…puleese. One saying I have seen is, “USA gave us the Jonus Brothers, so Canada give you Justing Beiber!” I thought that was funny.

    I asked my girls how he goes on tour. He has done so many songs with other people. I can barely imagine that he has enough songs to sing during a concert. One of the funniest things in one of his songs is “Ludicrous” singing about when he was 13 and wanted to be in love…..THIRTEEN!!!!! How ridiculous…..I believe that is called puppy love and Ludicrous is waaayyyy too old to be singing with Beiber.

    I actually like a few of Beiber’s songs but I just had to put in my 2 cents worth 🙂

  3. Oh my. Bieber. I haven’t found anything even remotely tolerable about his auto-tuned slop. To have Ludicrus pop up in that one brain-killing song he did was unbelievable. Street cred is hard to come by and you, sir, just squandered all you may have ever had and probably a year or two more that you’ve yet to earn.

    I feel quite desolate that I am unable to get my hindquarters moving although running is something I’ve started and failed to continue with at least six times in the past four years. You inspire me, Janecat!

    • Ludacris by name and nature!

      I’ve always quite liked running and now I’ve set a goal I’ll see it through. I have to run my 10kms in one hour on Saturday. After that I want to try to get to 10kms in 50 minutes. Then I’m thinking 15kms. Once I’m on a mission there’s no stopping me.

      • Is it wrong to spell someone’s name so badly because it’s not the correct spelling of the word upon which he’s based his persona? Oh, well…

        I applaud your fierceness! Hopefully, your shoes will keep up with your fleet feet.

        • I’m sure it doesn’t matter. You’d hope it wasn’t the name on his birth certificate anyway. Yesterday on my home page I saw bieber referred to as The Bieb. seriously.

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