A Big Weekend

It was an action packed weekend here.

On friday night we went out for dinner at one of the local pubs.

dinner at the local pub

Because my baby, Lizzie, turned 18.

Where did those years go. One minute she was a cute little toddler, then I closed my eyes for a second and she turned into a cute little 18 year old. Cute enough to dress up like a grid girl and work at the mine show and be leered at by old men. Mind you she was well paid for it. Thats her with the dark hair and her bestie is the blonde.

Then on Saturday we had Lloyd’s AFL grand final. Not as nerve wracking as last year. But winners are definitely grinners. Felt a bit sorry for the other team. We flogged them 113 to 37

AFL grand final

Then on Sunday we had Fathers Day here. So happy fathers day all you aussie dads I know. here’s Daz with the kids about, oh, a million years ago I guess.


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