The WordPress Move

Well, that happened a little quicker than I thought it would. Luckily I already had a wordpress blog up my sleeve from a few years ago. I used it for a while after the australian site us aussies were using closed down. In fact I think I can now officially be called a blog whore. I've been everywhere man.

So I've already backed up my vox stuff to wordpress. It was easy, fast and pain free. So after the 30th September I'll be at


and yes, you can call me Jane from now on. Thats my name, not my phone number as they say. Cat is a nickname obviously. It comes from a deep and long lasting love of Catdog I had. Still have actually. Or you can still call me Cat. But not dog thanks.

So everyone in the hood make sure you put up a link soon to your new home so I can stay in touch. Put you on my blogroll. Not to be confused with my tummy roll.

Honestly, I'm cracking mysealf up this morning. Must be the warm weather.

Ok, I'm going to go and see who's done the wordpress move and I'll subscribe to your blogs throuhg the readomatic option. Thats what you do. On your dashboard on the left there's a readomatic option.

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26 thoughts on “The WordPress Move

  1. lol, I like the set up of wordpress actually. You can do much more than here. I think this place will be lucky to last until the 30th though, I have to keep logging in every time I come back.
    Go to your dashboard and click on the readomatic word then go down the page where you can add blogs. And add us. Or put a link widget in your sidebar then add url's that way.
    You're a protected blog – are you going to be private then?

  2. I'm protected? What? I told you I don't know how to do anything! I just added you and a few others on readomatic, and your posts have shown up – nice profile pic btw 'Jane' 😉
    How do I get a widget? and unprivatise myself?

  3. First – go to your dashboard then go down the page and find Settings – Privacy – way down the bottom on the left. Check whichever box you want. I have the top one checked.
    For a widget go to dashboard – appearance – widgets. There's heaps of them.
    or you can add links by dashboard – links

  4. Heyya Cat/Jane…
    At least it is easier for me to comment on your awesome blog posts now without having to log into vox to do it because I could just never be bothered…*ha*.

  5. I’ve found you here! Looks like I’ll be using the option although on my own server I can upload stuff until I explode (or run out of space). So maybe a little of both. Excess is best!

    • Okay then – I tossed you in my favourites until I knew what you were doing but I’ll add you to the roll now. My sister paid for extra space to store her photos here but I keep telling her to RESIZE pictures before she posts. I have over 2000 photos stored here on wordpress and I’ve still got 92% of my available space left. Just resize Katz, resize.

  6. people cross my birth vs “bar” names up all the time. Doesn’t bother me in real life or personal notes but makes me INSANE when they use my birth name on the internet. i have some very specific reasons for NOT wanting to be known by my birth name on the net.

    but i also know i’ve made people crazy by calling them by their net name in real life. Cranky is Cranky; Miss Scotch was ‘Scotch’; Grrrace is pronounced Grace but I’m thinking Grrrace when I say it!

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