Spring has sprung

Yes, spring has sprung. I love it when spring sprungs. All that promise in the air. And pollen. Not that it bothers me. But it means for the next couple of months Daz will be chugging the zyrtec and getting through a steady supply of hankies. He needs to keep away from this thing that is flowering at the moment. Looks pretty but its a bugger for allergy sufferers.

Oh but its so exciting when I look out the back and see our tree looking like this.

And birds are playing in the bird bath. Mind you by the time those two big berthas plonk themselves in there’s not much room for splashing about.

And Chicken Little wants to be outside chasing them. Naughty Chicken, she almost got one last weekend.

And even my old bush orchid which I obviously neglect terribly is going to flower again soon.

And I had three deliveries from the mailman this morning.

And when I was running this morning this song came on and put a spring step into my run. Mind you its not my favourite Washington song but its the one they’re playing on the radio at the moment and it is springlike.  More australian talent. Where does it ever end I ask.

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37 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. i'm so envious about the orchid. i treat mine too well. they're not into that kind of thing.love the birdbath. wish i could have one but, if i did, i would just be called a cat feeder.

  2. My father gave me the orchid about 10 years ago and I've not once watered or fed it or topped up the soil. It just powers on.Yes, when we had Carl he was obsessed with those doves. His whole life revolved around catching one or finding a nest. We used to grease the tree so he couldn't climb it. Betty doesn't care much about them but hates magpies and Chicken Little wants to chase any bird, all the time. But they seem to survive. Anyway there's millions of them here. They're considered a pest. Fleas of the sky I think we call them here. Or maybe its parasites.

  3. She seems to be getting better thanks. She's loving this warm weather. And its good to get her outside for a while. The back room was getting stinky.

  4. Boohoo, if you're starting spring down there then it must be nearly fall up here. Albeit you'd never know it, as it suddenly decided to get hot in Cali and we've had to run the air conditioner the last couple of days. But that allergy-bush looks like a lipstick vine, or something very near like it. My father had one growing along the back of our house, but happily it died one summer and never came back. It was pretty, but like everything else in my parents' yard it eventually became weedy and messy.

  5. Yay for spring. We've had the coldest winter for years and I'm over it. Only problem where I live is that we don't really get a spring. We just get straight to summer.

  6. Beautiful. It's so hot here this week; been crazy hot and dry all summer, but there are signs of impending autumn emerging nonetheless. I'd rather start spring over. Better with beginnings than endings.

  7. I still need a new tree for my front yard (to give some shade to the living room). I want something which will attract birds but not be an easy climb for the kitties. Is that possible? I hadn't thought of greasing it. The neighbors already think I'm a nutjob… I'd love to see their expressions as I stand in the front yard, smothering a tree trunk with Crisco!

  8. lol,
    we used thick black grease. We thought of wrapping wire around the trunk but then thought he'd get trapped and kill himself. I gave up worrying about the birds after a while though because he'd just go and catch them somewhere else anyway. He even caught a bat once and bought it in the cat flap. Once he came in with an old chicken carcass he found somewhere. The vet thinks thats what killed him in the end. Being such a great hunter was bad for his kidneys.

  9. My husband is a shocker. His problem seems to be mainly dust. Which is impossible to avoid in our town. If he sweeps the house he'll be blocked up and sneezing for the rest of the day. I can't wear perfume and even some fabric softeners set him off.

  10. We don't really get autumn here. Or spring really. We go straight from winter to summer. Today is only the second day of spring and already my daughter was outside sunbaking in her bikini.

  11. I'm one of those pale people. I had my arms out for the first time today and they felt funny being exposed. If I get my legs out I could blind someone.

  12. I've never done any artificial sun things. But I can see how it could make you feel better. I know I feel more healthy and strong when I'm in sunlight. I've always been fairly careful about tanning or burning, but I'm certain I'm more healthy when I can be outside in real warmth.

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