the narrow foot

An easy 75 minute run.

That was today’s activity on my running programme.They don’t really look like they belong in the same sentence do they. 75 minutes and easy run. And I wouldn’t say it was easy peasy but I did it. It was a bit like waking up and discovering you had to run a marathon that day.

Anyway, the reason I had to go to the shops last week and have my eyeballs exposed to vast quantities of floral fabrics was because I needed new running shoes. Buying shoes for me is always a disappointing activity for two reasons. One is because I have possibly the narrowest foot in Australia. A shoe salesman once said to me – don’t ring the Guinness Book of Records just yet, but you’re getting close. The shops here only like to stock width C but I’m an AA so nothing fits. I usually get Emjay to send me a pair of sandals from the USA each year for summer.

But I thought I’d go to the athletes foot because he says on the ad that he’s never met a foot he couldn’t fit. And when I got there I discovered that they stock one pair of shoes in AA width. It was an exciting moment. I think its the first time I’ve ever put on a pair of shoes that felt snug around my foot.

The second reason I have trouble buying shoes is because I have this little extra bone thing in my foot. Well I think its extra, no one else in my family has it so either they’re all abnormal or I am. So I think everyone has the big sort of ankle bone on the outside but then I have this little knob of bone joined to it down lower. And its right where the top of a shoe sits. Buying school shoes used to be a bastard. That hard leather edge rubbing away on it.

But anyway now I have running shoes that almost fit. Now I just need to get decent socks. Nothing worse than getting twenty minutes into an hour long run and discovering your socks have a lumpy seam. Or even worse is when you discover you have creeping undies on and you spend the whole time fishing them out of your bum.

I think I need a nap now. And some food. I’m bloody starving.

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14 thoughts on “the narrow foot

  1. I always wondered about the reality of 'I never met a foot I couldn't fit'… seems its true.
    I HATE it when your socks inch their way down the back of your foot when you're exercising… its nearly (not quite) as bad as the creeping undies – or the mistake of wearing a g-string to exercise.

  2. I think there is a frog in there with a light sabre. That's what it looks like to me.I used to have narrow feet until 8 years of working retail on my feet 8-12 hours a day flattened them out.

  3. My philosophy is to just skip the run and go straight for the nap …I have a "high instep" and always had trouble getting decent shoes when I was younger. Now I just wear "tennis shoes" all the time – even black ones at work – since I'm on my feet all the time.I can't believe you actually found a man to marry you with that imperfection! He must be a Saint! LOL

  4. I always wear a runner or cross trainer as well. I had some orthotics made to put in boots but they're no good in summer with sandals. I've given up hoping I'll ever be able to wear a nice pair of dressy sandals. And I'm sure my husband has many imperfections thank you. I might start a list actually.

  5. I went to the athlete's foot today. I was looking for joggers, the goal was to find something that made my feet feel like they were wrapped in a cloud. I ended up going to Target and buying a $40 pair of joggers there. :S not the clouds I was looking for, but saved me $160 on shoes. I always found that the old 'sandshoes' are the most comfortable though. 😀

  6. lol, yeah I don't spend big money on everyday shoes but since I'm spending so many hours running these days I wanted a good pair to try and avoid injuires.

  7. Have you tried Kumfs? They have extra wide fittings so may have narrow as well. Also if you can fit into kids shoes, they often have a range of widths. I buy a lot of kids Clarks shoes for myself as they fit my orthotics and are loads cheaper than Kumfs or Rockports.

  8. No – Kumfs are no good for me – great for my mother who has a very wide foot. Clarks used to be ok when I was a kid but they still don't go to an AA. I used to wear boys school shoes when I was little because they were narrower for some reason. Bata Scouts I had. They had a compass on the bottom of them.

  9. They're not too bad actually – I sometimes wear them if I don't want vpl… but you definitely need to get used to wearing them and remember to change before you exercise – its all types of wrong to exercise in a g-banger.

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