too much tv

The dark and gripping novel I’m reading, has so far not been dark or gripping. I’m glad I only paid $12 for it.

I just realised I still know the words to Funky Town. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

I watched Daybreakers last night. Please don’t judge me by it. In fact maybe I shouldn’t mention it at all, because maybe you’ve never seen it and now I’ve mentioned it you’ll race out and watch it. And it’s just so embarrassing. All these australians walking around with terrible american accents. Like Vince Colosimo who is so hot and that nice looking guy from Play School and Claudia Karven who is one of my favourites. (Watch Love My Way – it’s a fantastic australian series with her in it).

But Daybreakers – it was terrible.

This week I also watched Blindside – which went for about half an hour too long. State of Play which also went for half an hour too long. And WTF was going on with Russells hair!? I also watched GI Joe, Uptown Girl, The Ugly Truth and Date Night. (I’m looking for an opportunity to tell some one – you, zip your vagina). You can tell when my daughter has been home for a visit, I’ve always watched a lot of tv. I have also caught up with the Kardashians. I’m also up to date with The Hills. I can’t believe Audrina and Kristen are besties now. I’ve obviously missed something.

We have also started season 3 of True Blood. DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING. But it’s looking good so far. Hope it doesn’t drag on as long as season 2 did. And thank god Bill has sorted out his hair. Dexter must be due back soon. Is it on or finished over there yet?

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24 thoughts on “too much tv

  1. Oh yes, we've had that one here. Hasn't there been another series since then? I really loved the first one best with Doakes and the Ice Truck Killer. The others haven't been as good for me.

  2. Oh so you're all caught up then, I don't think the next one has begun yet. I don't get those pay channels so I have to wait for the DVDs. I agree, I like the first 2 seasons, I thought Jimmy Smits was pretty lame, I don't think Dexter would have let it get that far, and it just got downright cheesy. The whole show has a bit of cheese factor but Michael C. Hall classes it up and give it credibility. But some of the regulars acting has improved a bit (maybe). I do hate his wife, I want to throttle her. She's so selfish!Did you ever watch Six Feet Under? That's one of my faves. Of course I didn't see any of it till it had been done for a couple years.

  3. I saw a clip from the next season on the net somewhere so I thought it must have been out over there. I can't stand Deb's cop partner. He annoys the crap out of me, little whiney bastard. I think he's going to cause problems this season and hopefully Dexter will kill him early in the piece. Agree, the Jummy Smits season was the WORST.I haven't watched Six Feet Under. I would've watched it but it was one of those things that was always on at the same time as something else I wanted to watch.

  4. Cool. Thanks. I think we used to be a long way behind but then they realised people were just going and watching the episodes on the internet so we get things a bit closer though. NOT PROJECT RUNWAY THOUGH. We've only just had season 6.

  5. I know…he's gotten so skinny in his "older age". He almost looks emaciated now, and not just for this movie….he's got other recent films that he looks the same in. I just want to force feed him potatoes or something! I miss Reality Bites Ethan Hawk (Reality Bites is one of my all-time favorite movies from the 90's).

  6. oh yeah we're into season 8 of PR. I watched some of the Australian version, a season or 2 on youtube. I think. I've watched the Brit version, the Canadian version, the Australian version and I even tried to watch the Philippine version but it was so terrible I had to quit after about 2 episodes. It's in English, Tagalog and whatever the Cebu dialect is and the fashion was unimaginably horrid.

  7. Ha – its still pretty good – I was listening to the Top 25 eighties pop songs or something like that. It came in at number 3. I missed 2 and 1.

  8. I'd love to get a kindle or something like it. I have the app on my phone but haven't downloaded any books yet. And I'm definitely running out of room for many more books! But I can't imagine giving up books altogether.

  9. I laughed so hard reading this post! I love your sense of humor! Are all Aussie's funny? Sure seems that way to me. Thank you adding me to the neighborhood!I love Dexter! Only now we no longer get the channel it is played on. 😦 So we will have to buy the entire series in order to view it. 'Zip your vagina', too funny. I have been wanting to try out various lines from shows I have seen and I'll be damned if I don't forget them ten minutes later!

  10. Well I like to think we're all hilarious but I'm sure there are some party poopers amongst us.I can never find an appropriate time to use lines I want to from shows or movies. Not really like I can tell my daughters teacher to zip her vagina – god knows I'd have liked to though! There's a line from True Blood I'm desperate to use as well but I can't see it happening. It was when Lafayette called Pam – Hooker – like as a nickname. And she said. And I am not a hooker. That was a long long time ago.

  11. we get Burn Notice here as well but I've never watched it. I'm back into Cold Case at the moment and I see the ad for it through that. I gave up Cold Case for a couple of years and now I hear it's been axed anyway.

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