Betty is unwell

Poor Betty has pneumonia. She's been rattling around all weekend with a nasty cough so off she went to the vet this morning. Of course she made enough of a mini miracle recovery to try and fight all the dogs in the waiting room. She even tries to attack the dog on the poster on the wall. She usually wees on the floor in reception as well. It's all just too much for her.

So apparently she has a lot of fluid on her lungs which you can very clearly hear when she breathes, and she is producing more snot than usual. Which is hard to believe really because she's always flinging great gobs of it about the place. She does these huge sneezes to release the congestion and she's very effective at it. Sometimes someone will be standing near her and you see this snot fly out and land on their trouser legs. Depending on who it is you either say nothing and smirk to yourself, or laugh loudly and say – sucked in, you just got snotted.

Anyway we're hoping the old girl makes a recovery over the next two weeks because if she doesn't it means something dark and nasty that we won't talk about yet.

It's a lousy day here as well. Cold and rainy. So she's inside here with the airconditioner on keeping her warm. She's got a pretty decent snore going on at the moment.

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19 thoughts on “Betty is unwell

  1. Awwww poor Betty! I didn't know dogs could get pneumonia, geez, talk about 'sick as a dog'. Poor thing, I hope she makes a quick and full recovery and is around to fling snot on people for a long time to come. *head scritchies* she's so cute.

  2. lol, yes she looks suitably miserable – mind you though I'd only have to whisper the word walk and she'd be bouncing about like a spring lamb

  3. Thanks – and it's like an old lady having it as well. She's 11 now so, I don't know the dog/human age conversion chart. But getting on a bit.

  4. Aww! What a sad face! I hope she's up and about tomorrow. If she's got the energy to pick fights with all of the other dogs, she must have the energy to get well. ((Hugs)) for Betty!

  5. They gave her an injection of something and now she starts a course of antibiotics. She's a tough old bugger. Stubborn. lol, sounds like your father.

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