weekend review

Well I'm back, and I'm 45. Which actually doesn't feel much different than 44 did.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes – much appreciated.

I am only slightly sunburnt. That bit in the centre of your back that you can't reach. You sort of get sunburnt with scraggly finger marks on you.

We went with Jem and her crew because her husbands birthday is today and my husbands birthday is tomorrow, so we try to make a weekend out of it each year.

This is the beach we were at, it's good for kids. We were at the central coast (about an hours drive south of Sydney).



Now I know it looks like you have to swim half way to China to get some water past your knees, but when they take a couple of more steps they'll be in over their heads. Drops away very suddenly to deep water.



Here I am with Lloyd. Who has turned into some kind of camera slut. He just can't have enough photos taken of himself. A couple of Jems gang in the background.



Then we went to the pub for lunch. Where several people walked past and said – Do you own that little boy out there?



Thats Jems son,  he was wet and cold so we told him to go out and sit in the sun to warm up. But we were told that The Bar Staff said he couldn't sit there on his own. Well he wasn't really sitting, but we could see him and he wasn't running around. Actually the way she said it we thought she said The Master said he couldn't lie out there. But we went and joined him anyway.



Then I don't know what we did. But we went out for dinner that night at the Club. Here I am with Lizzie ready to roll.



And here is Lloyds pizza. It was called the Outback Meatlovers. But when I was reading the menu I thought it said Outback Leftovers. Thought it was some kind of roadkill diner we were in.



And to wash it down, some slushies. I think they were blue lagoon, margarita and fruit tingle. Mine was the margarita, I always try to go for the least colourful drink – not so sweet. They weren't bad actually, except there were a few brain freezes.



Then we ended the night on cake. 



The next night we had curry for dinner. Daz tried to be a smarty pants and ordered his curry extra hot. This is him when he was eating his dinner. After he went blind.



Kimba couldn't come with us this year. She had to stay home and look after Chicken Little. Seen here realxing upside down on the lounge.


So its out for dinner again tonight, then dinner party here tomorrow night, then we're all done and dusted for another year. 

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27 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Well, as a non eater of red meat myself, it looks very disturbing. I'm guessing you may need to keep the quickeeze on hand if you ate much of that sort of thing.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, Cat. Not sure about those slushies, though. They look like something you'd put on a bruise. And more dinners to come. Good to know you're doing your bit to keep us out of recession.

  3. a great weekend indeed. one request: could you send some of that sunshine and swimable ocean temps this way? no one here gets into the water without a wet suit, even in july.

  4. Lol- I'm sure they're multi purpose drinks. ou're not kidding but at least we don't have a teenage boy to feed now, so that keeps the food bill down!

  5. Ok – sending some now. I'm almost sick of it (although I did forget completely about the whole hoodie hoo thing), but when winter comes I'll be complaining more about being cold.

  6. Uh-oh. We're straight edge… So we don't drink or smoke. I hope it's not a holiday when we're there. Though, we'll be there the week of Ekka, and I'm super pumped about that. 🙂

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