I had this conversation with my husband last night

Me – Why did you open the new milk when there was still some left in the other one?

He – I thought it was a bit off when I smelled it.

Me – Well why didn't you throw it away?

He – I thought it might've still been good enough for you.

I feel so special.


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32 thoughts on “conversations

  1. lol – a friend once asked me if we were collecting the toilet roll cores for some craft event! People seem to take them off the holder then throw them down between the toilet and the wall!

  2. Exactly! I have had major dummy spits about this over the years and you think people would get the hint??? No! Yet everyone seems to get upset when they see litter in public places. I'd suggest they check their own toilets for litter. Man, I'm serious hard core, major pain arshehole dad here.

  3. lol – peter sterling always says something that really bugs me, can't think what it is now. I almost feel like writing him a letter.
    The one place that will really test if you have turned into a grumpy is Supre. I tell you, that place almost drives me over the edge.

  4. LOL! That happens all the time in this little household! I dread to think what I'm going to find once I start moving about the house again! I read Grumpy Old Woman (didn't get the tv show here) and really identified with it!

  5. I thought you were going to say- I dread what I'm going to find once Lloyd gets here!! And I was going to say no no he's the neatest cleanest of all of us.

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