a flying visit

My daughter lives 100 kilometres away, yet I was woken by her at 3am this morning creeping into my bed to tell me about her night. It seemed to involve a new hot crush, an old hot crush. who is apparently so hot he's making it hard for her to get over him, a popcorn party and a gang fight that involved knives.

She's gone home again now. Thats after laying around all morning on various beds and lounges (and I believe the toilet floor for a while), saying that it must be a stomach bug not a hangover. Althoug I did hear her mumble – I'm never drinking again. I wonder how many times that sentence has been said since the dawn of alcohol.

These photos came via email this morning. I'm wondering if it might be Flamingo at western plains zoo.

Who's going to change the tyre?





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7 thoughts on “a flying visit

  1. I have another vox neighbor that would probably benefit from your ability to take a step back in the whole parenting a 'sortof' adult daughter. 🙂 It's commendable. 😉

  2. She has had a nice day for it today anyway. Suny and warm. Yesterday was not so good, she'd of been glad of the heated tile floor I'd say.

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