bathroom shots

I have to wonder whats going on in the bathroom overnight, when I wake in the morning to find this setup on the handbasin.


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31 thoughts on “bathroom shots

  1. well actually now you mention it – last weekend I was eating twisties and I bit the side of my mouth and it had this huge blood blister in it. So I tried to pop it but I just managed to push it around so it ended up taking up all the space, so I had to get a pin and pop it and it bled for ages! So I did do a salt water gargle but I mixed it up in my wine glass and left it on the sink and forgot about it and when I woke up thirsty the next morning I picked it up and sculled it. All in all it was a very unpleasant 24 hours.

  2. The tragus is that little bit of your ear in the middle thats joined to your head. The little hard flap bit. Now I feel mine it is so small I wouldn't get an ear ring through it. Not that I'd want to mind you.

  3. definitely – thats her limit though – she's not into facial (thank god). Becuase she's under 16 a parent had to go and give permission. I wouldn't give permission for facial anyway – I think they look awful. I always find myself looking at peoples facial piercings – which I guess they want anyway – but I find them distracting and I always think they have something on their face like a mole.

  4. I had my rook pierced about 20 years ago. I remember the crunch. and the ouch. Everytime I caught a cold, my piercing would get infected too. I finally had the hubby cut it off with a wire cutter after about a year of hassling with it. The crunch was the worst part.

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