QotD: Campfire Stories

Did you go to summer camp? What is your favorite memory/story? If you didn't go to camp, do you feel like you missed out?
Submitted by chris.

I went to summer camp in 1975, at Myuna Bay. I seemed to be there a long time. I spent some time in the hospital there, can't remember why.  My dog was bitten by a brown snake while I was there as well. I remember getting a letter from mum telling me about it. He made a full recovery.

I remember it being a lot of fun. There was a lot of trying to sneak into the boys cabins after dark and a lot of boys trying to sneak into the girls showers. Much giggling and a bit of bitching as well.

Here I am throwing a boomerang. This is not something we do a lot of here in australia. Just in case you have visions of us doing it as a national sport or anything. Check out all those white socks. I'm sure the reason I have varicose veins is because of the elastic I wore to keep those socks up. I think our group here were called the Cormorants.



And here are the teachers. They look like a pretty funky group. My teacher is top left. She had a romance with the guy bottom left. The older lady with the glasses was the nurse who looked after me in hospital.


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9 thoughts on “QotD: Campfire Stories

  1. lol – they were all the rage. I notice some girls at high school wearing them with those ballet flats. But I think they're going for a different look.

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