Vox Hunt: On My Walls

Show us a painting or piece of art you have hanging on your wall. What room is it in?
Submitted by Strive2Be.

This art hangs in my lounge room. I painted it at school one day when I was 5. My mother framed it and had it hanging in her house but after she'd had it there for 40 years I guess she felt she'd done her duty, so she gave it to me.

It is called Corroboree (obviously, as you can see) and I guess we were learning about aboriginal customs because a corroboree is like a kind of festival the aboriginal people have with singing, music and dancing around a fire. And I think it usually celebrates a tribal event.

I haven't painted anything since. I'm like Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mocking Bird – only ever produced one masterpiece.


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12 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: On My Walls

  1. yes, that must have been disappointing for them. Took all those years for mum to find something worthy. Well she is very fussy with photos and things. Lizzies friends don't believe I did it when I was 5.

  2. I must admit there was an award that I didn't get. Funny isn't it, of all the kids that must have been in that class, the girl who got the award is the one whose name I remember. Talk about holding a grudge.

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