don’t look at me

It is 0 degrees this morning which is way below my favourite 28c degrees. However I have to race off and out into the cold to grocery shop and when that happens I always seem to have to deal with a fool of some kind. But I am not in the mood to be messed with today.


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19 thoughts on “don’t look at me

  1. How can any man be scared of a raging mad cow with boobs hanging out… even if they are little booblets?? LOL! I sent this pic to some male friends and a few came back with: "You're asking for trouble sending these PMS type jokes to people." Wusses! See, that's why I'm a regular at the palais de pooch…

  2. You laugh in the face of danger.
    Poor thing – living with all those women like you do, you've forgotten what its like to live in a house thats not ruled by hormones.

  3. pms… lol happens the day before the flow and then cramps tend to happen two days after… so i'm the raging cow before and the cute kitty that is wanting a petting…lol… have fun its 105 degrees f in texas…


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