Vox Hunt: Recent Purchase

Show us the last thing you bought.

Well its funny you should ask. I've been having a bit of a shopping spree lately and buying myself reckless wants instead of carefully considered needs.

It is incredible the amount of money you have left at the end of the week when two children leave home. My grocery bill alone the last couple of weeks has made me skip with joy for the rest of the day. If anyone has a teenage boy they know how much they eat. So now that he's gone I have money to spare.

Now I know I could pay it off the loan but I decided that I'm just going to have a few weeks of spending. Its been years since I've just bought something for myself that I didn't really need. Usually I have to weigh it up with who needs school uniforms or sports shoes or all those other things annoying children seem to need. Food.

So I bought this little cigarette case – even though I don't smoke.


But I keep my notes in it



And then I bought myself some Anna Sui lip gloss and it's nice and not sticky and smells beautiful. And you can just mash them up together. I'm a great one for mixing lip sticks.



And then I bought this little wallet. Which doesn't really apply to me because I always read the manual from the start before I use a new appliance. Which is why I know how to use the appliance. I should give it to my husband who gets the appliance out of the box then madly begins pushing buttons. And has in fact been known to break things before they even get used. i.e. electric heater. The first instruction in the book was DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON before bla bla bla. But by the time I'd opened the cover he'd already pushed it.


Then I bought a pair of pyjamas and I'm waiting on a bag to arrive then thats it. Back to saving.

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15 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Recent Purchase

  1. LOL! I don't think there is such a thing as a man who reads instructions! I asked a guy at work to put a trolley together for me and gave him the instruction sheet which he immediately put to the side. He then put the turning wheels on the wrong end of the trolley and they had some sort of special bolts that once they went in could never be undone! So we have a $500 trolley which will not steer. I love that cigarette case!!!

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