Happy Birthday To You


If I've figured correctly it should be about 7 am (ish) where she is and she'll be up getting ready for work. Ready to struggle off to work on her crutches in her smelly cast. No doubt she'll have a bitch and moan about it here later. Some problem with her foot tendons, I don't know, I didn't pay attention. Honestly since she hit 50 it's just been one medical drama after the other.

Or maybe she got the day off and she can lay around and eat chocolate all day. Hopefully someone sent her some cadburys. One of the negatives of living in the USA – no cadburys.

More photos that were coloured by mum.

Happy birthday.


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32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To You

  1. LOL – thank you for the "tribute" – actually mum didn't send cadbury's this year – she's slipping! šŸ™‚ And, my cast doesn't smell – yet!

  2. god I hope not!
    ok, maybe I made up the smelly part. I'm presuming it will be smelly because its hot and she got it wet and she seems to be exerting herself a lot just getting around.

  3. All this time I have been chatting to you and never knew you were sisters…lucky I didn't say pst what do you think of whatsername…GOOD ONE!

    May I say chalk and cheese???? not saying which though

  4. lol – now that would be funny. Although you don't strike me as a nasty gossip. (Just a giggle behind their back one) Chalk and cheese, maybe – thats because she's the oldest of four and I'm the youngest of four. But there are definitely some scary similarities. Genetic maybe.

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