Vox Hunt: What I’m Reading

Show us the book you're reading right now.
Submitted by Strive2Be.

I've just finished Radiance. It was the beautiful cover that caught my eye. And the fact that it was on sale for $ 10.

It is about The Hiroshima Maiden programme that took place in 1952 in New York. Where young women (25 I think) who had survived the hiroshima bomb were bought to New York for reconstructive surgery to try and help with badly burnt skin, keloid and other injuries. I hadn't known this occurred so I enjoyed the book. It's always good to learn something new.

It was expected that as part of the deal the girls would travel around doing various television and radio shows speaking out against the atom bomb and on one radio show even came face to face with the pilot of the Enola Gay.

There was other stuff going on at the same time – the FBI out looking for communists, men who had been to the war trying to find their lives again, bored houswives, women trying to make it in the workplace, and of course Keikos story of the day the bomb hit Hiroshima and her realtionship with Daisy, the women who she stayed with while recovering from her surgery. Definitely worth a read.


Shaena Lambert

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5 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: What I’m Reading

  1. lol – I do that. I buy people books for their birthday that I want to read. I have even tried to read one before giving it to someone without cracking the spine and trying to keep it new looking.

  2. Wouldn't stop my aunty. As I said, she is SHAMELESS! lol My husband once put a piece of lettuce between pages of a book from her and claimed she must have left it there when she was reading the book over lunch one day.

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