Sugar and Spice and all things evil and nasty

Teenage girls. Aren't they sweet. I mean just look at those sweet little faces.

I just don't think we're taking full advantage of the natural resources teenage girls have to offer us. If we did, we'd never have to dig for coal again. If we could just find a way to harness all that attitude teenage girls produce, we could use it to produce enough energy to light the world. And there'd be a never ending supply of it.

Actually something funny – My eldest daughter – Kimba – has been so disgusting and bitchy lately that I wrote her this long email detailing exactly what I thought of her. Then I get up this morning and thought to myself she wasn't too pissed off about it and then I check my emails and there the bloody thing is – come back to me, unable to be sent it tells me for some bloody reason. Typical.



Little girls – I'm telling you, they're over rated.


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13 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and all things evil and nasty

  1. well thats the thing – I'm sure I wasn't like that at all. lol – after all the dealings you have had with your niece its a wonder you haven't sent your husband back to the doctor to make sure those tubes are still sealed nice and tight.

  2. thats the thing isn't it – when they're nice you think they're the greatest thing around. But when they turn you wonder how you managed to raise such an evil creature.

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