More about teenagers and drinking

If there is one person in australia I feel really sorry for, it is the girl in the photo below.

Every time the media want to have a rave about how the teenagers of Newcastle are all binge drinking, violent ratbags, they drag out this photo to go with the story. And here she is again in todays newcastle herald. Always gives me a laugh when I wonder how many years she's going to have to face it. And I always think of her Mum. a proud moment for her to see her daughter like this. Over and over again. Give her a break guys!!

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13 thoughts on “More about teenagers and drinking

  1. Australia has a huge drinking culture – and that age group – 15 to 25 really hit the drink hard. They have just started an ad campaign here showing how binge drinking can lead to brain damage – not sure how effective it'll be.

  2. They do this here. [it's a Cambodian kid, but the kids here do the same thing]It's more "acceptable" if people drink in 4 seasons countries like Australia for the warming up reason, but yes, 15 is such a too young age to start drinking :\

  3. @connie – "but yes, 15 is such a too young age to start drinking :\" Perhaps you're unaware that in some cultures/countries, France for example, the drinking begins much younger, say with a small glass of red wine at dinner with the family. Studies have found that in cultures where youths are permitted moderate intake and where the alcohol is integrated with the lifestyle have a substantially reduced level of youthful excessive drinking puke-your-brains out when they enter their teens and adulthood.

  4. I don't think that happens much. Not here anyway. Here kids see their parents getting trashed and follow that example. My kids have been to 16 year old birthday parties where the parents supply alcohol – not a glass of red wine but a bottle of bourbon or carton of beer.

  5. I hope the WYD goes off without mishap as I would love everyone to see that young people can have fun without violence and drunkardness. If we are truthful it is nothing different to waht ha happend for generations but we alway think the current youth is worse. Violence, so much knife violence , is a grave concern though – that is different

  6. They are trialling an early lockout system here at the moment. With pubs staying open until 4 and 5 am there are kids roaming around the streets constantly from one place to the next. Ahh for the god old days of the 10pm closing time. See thats another thing – they're not even going out until 9 or 10pm. Usually pissed before they go. And even though in the "good old days" there were plenty of fights they were usually punchups – not as you say knives. Or gangs setting on one guy. Thats what bothers me – the amount of young guys getting kicked to death by a group. Or girls glassing each other. A lot of anger and disrespect out there.

  7. Main Stream MediaI hardly ever watch the news…esp World New Tonight.I get most of my news on the Net…but I think Fox News is the best.I just can't stand the over dramatization of it.

  8. oh right. I watch the news on a television channel here called SBS. It was set up originally as a station for all the immigrants who came to australia. So it covers news in all areas of the world. The other channels just have crap – it's like a gossip magazine on TV.

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