papas slidebox

This was the main street of the town I lived in. This would have been in the 1950's. There were big floods throughout NSW then.


This was taken in Guernsey. Every year they had a flower festival and all the floats were made of flowers. Can't even imagine the work that went into them. That is all flowers.



This was our driveway at the farm. Red red dirt surrounded by frost. Looks like someone walking down there.



Here are my sisters doing the annual local paper photo shoot in a wheat crop. We always had to wear red. Min is so blonde.



And here are some gnarly trees. Thats just gnarly, not  as in,  like gnarly dude.


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5 thoughts on “papas slidebox

  1. Gotta love a good flood! That frost though….bet it got cold out there during the winters, a farm I went to through winter I couldn't believe how cold it could be there in the mornings, similar picture to that one above. I guess I was like most people where you think of farms/drought/heat in the same thought…what we fail to realise is that the winters still get very cold, farms are usually out in areas that feel it more, doesn't mean there's any more water there.

  2. Bit like how you can freeze to death at night in the desert. That farm we had was out west of Dubbo so the days in summer were stinking hot.

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