leavin’ on a jet plane

Lloyd has just left for the start of his overseas trip.

Doesn't actually start until tomorrow but he and Daz are having the night in Sydney and will go to the football tonight, then dinner and a trip to the casino I think. Then Lloyd leaves for Heathrow via Singapore tomorrow. He is going to have the most fantastic time and I'm pretty excited for him. He's worked seven days a week for the past 9 months to save for this trip and he's making the most of every day.

I'm sad to see him go and shall miss him very much. I'm very lucky that I have children that I actually like and I enjoy having them around. Lloyd is one of the best people you could ever hope to meet and I can't believe the time has passed so quickly since he travelled in a pram to the present time when he can travel on his own in planes trains and automobiles. And greyhound buses.

I was awake all night with a thumping headache so I'm tired and now my eyes are all red from crying when he left and I feel a bit of a disaster. I must say I wasn't a crying hysterical clinging mess or anything like that when he left – thats not my style at all. But it was a bit more emotional than I was expecting, maybe its because I'm tired.

Bloody kids. Why do you have to care about them so much.

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16 thoughts on “leavin’ on a jet plane

  1. Been there. Done that. I cried for a couple of days when our daughter left us at the tube station to go out into the cold hard world in London. I convinced myself she'd taken the wrong train. Mrs Snowy told me not to be such a sook, and that she'd be alright. Mrs Snowy was right again, of course.They have to flutter those little wings. Those of us left with an empty nest just have to do a bit of growing ourselves. Just as our parents did. Not easy though, Cat, so my thoughts are with you.

  2. lol – he told me the only part he's really worried about is transferring at Singapore to go on to London. Thinks he may get on the wrong plane somehow. So I guess if he manages that ok I can rest easy for the other four months.
    He has told me to just pretend he's at work or staying at a friends house. The hard part is going to be stopping my husband from ringing him every couple of days.
    Thats one good thing though – in these days of mobile phones, emails, skype and many other australians out there travelling, the world is not as huge as it used to be.

  3. If I can manage to get on the right plane in Singapore, anyone can. There are plenty of information desks in Changi Airport to ask. He'll be right.We were just talking about how easy it is to stay in touch with family these days. We quite often talk by webcam to our elder son and our daughter. And knowing they are only a mobile call away no matter where we/they are is always comforting. Our daughter is going to Greece for a week next month, and our elder son is popping off to France for the weekend. Lloyd will have a ball. Your turn next.

  4. Just think of the great postcards you'll get…or maybe not! I hope he has a great time though, sounds like he's earned it working so hard! πŸ™‚

  5. He will be fine. You have given him a really good grounding in common sense. We are looking forward to seeing him here – I just hope he doesn't have any high expectations about my cooking! LOL!

  6. Singapore's airport is one of the best in the world. If he screws up, it's because he's intoxicated, stoned or following some hot babe in a sexy skirt. Re: Bloody kids. Why do you have to care about them so much. You don't. Some parents don't give a fuck about their kids. Fortunately you do.

  7. lol – well he'll be fine then – he doesn't drink or smoke and part of his trip involves seeing his girlfriend who is working in the UK for a year. I'm thinking of taking up the not giving a fuck attitude.

  8. Thats the thing though – I don't know about the common sense – He's like one of those weird mathematicians who can solve nasty looking number things but doesn't remember to put his jumper on when he's cold. lol – actually he told me the other day that in his general day to day life he sees the world mathematically. I don't even know what that means

  9. Yes – I've told me he must buy me something interesting – not anything normal. He also has to buy a birthday present for his sister. He's going to have a fantastic time.

  10. You're like in a PS3 game where you've made it to the next level. Whole new set of rules and different situation all round. Let me know how you go 'cause I'll be needing some tips, too! You've got great kids who all have great heads on their shoulders. You guys have done good as parents.

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