Vox Hunt: The Unexplainable

Show us something you can't explain.

My love of wearing socks and thongs. Can't explain it – but if David Beckham can do it, so can I. And when I do those first few shuffles you have to, to get the sock nicely wedged in between the toes I like to pretend I'm O-Ren Ishii. And my thongs have a wedge thanks very much.


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20 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: The Unexplainable

  1. Ok, socks and thongs … the shoe variety wasn't the first thing I thought of, but I guess I'm glad it was otherwise … particularly since you posted a picture.

  2. lol – oh yeah definitely don't want to see that. Mind you I am definitely not a thong girl. I like my sensible bonds undies.

  3. So you have your OWN weird sock fetish going on I see!!! hahaha look at you! I always get a giggle out of seeing socks with thongs, don't see it too often but I was surprised that more younger folk like ourselves do wear them this way at times.

  4. I can see I'm going to have to watch you for fashion tips from now on! ;-)The thing is, something might feel odd to begin with but after a while it's normal…tell hubby to give it a try, he might enjoy being more daring? lol

  5. ooh no, I hate those toe socks. I can't stand all the padding between all my toes. It's only ok between the first two. It's all wrong between the little toes.

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