QotD: Rinse… and Repeat?

How long do you take in the shower?
Submitted by Strive2Be.

I'm a good country girl. I grew up on a farm with tank water so we were always aware of the importance of water conservation. Three minute showers for us and never a bath. At least we weren't one of those families that put a bit of water in the bath then all the kids used it, one after the other. Youngest to oldest. I had a friend who was the oldest in a family that did that. When I had a sleepover there I hated getting in that murky lukewarm water.

I've passed the three minute rule on to my kids now. I can't understand people who stand under a shower for ten or 15 minutes. They don't seem to understand the importance of saving our water supply.  They're probably the same ones who will kick up a fuss when they have to start drinking treated effluent in the future.

We are under very strict water restrictions here anyway – as are most of NSW – due to a long drought. We are living in a time where you can get bashed to death for watering your lawn (as happened in Sydney last year).

So here is a photo of my shower. As you can see I take water conservation very seriously. When we shower we stand in that bucket then put the water on the garden.



Just kidding - no, we recently pulled the bath out and just have a shower now. I was sick of stepping over a bath to get to the shower plus they are a massive waste of water. Baths should be banned. 

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9 thoughts on “QotD: Rinse… and Repeat?

  1. Brisbane city council gave everyone addhesive egg timers that ran through in 4 minutes so we have those in our showers to limit us to 4 minutes. It is painful because I am one of those people who could spend half a lifetime in the shower. I find it a form of stress relief. Very ambiotic!

  2. We were given them as well. The first time I tested it out to see how much time we had, I had to fill in time until it ran through. Maybe you should invest in one of those flotation capsules. You just float in them in the dark and apparently relax. Although I think they'd be terrifying.

  3. hardy ha ha. They are a bit grubby in the cracks now I look but I hadn't bothered to clean them for ages because I knew the builder was coming.

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