I just noticed these photos were in my photos here but I thought I'd deleted them. However here is me with Jem before we went out on Saturday. As you can see my hair is in the interesting orange shades on its way to blonde but it's only had two hits of bleach so going well.



And this is probably what we looked like about ten minutes into that crap move The Happening and realised it may not have been such a great choice.


Every now and then Jem comes for a sleepover. We go to the movies then go out and eat and drink too much and talk and laugh a lot. And every time we go out we always see something strange and hilarious. Last time we saw a plastic shopping bag stuck to the road and it was slowly waving about and as we approached it we thought it was a dog that had been hit by a car and was in its final death throes and we were going to have to deal with it. Mind you that wouldn't have been hilarious. But when we crept up to it and saw it was a shopping bag, well we thought that was hysterical. This time of course the movie was the strange and hilarious thing we saw. Although we did see dying feather boa on the footpath. And a loaf of garlic bread sitting on a park bench we considered hiding just in case we couldn't get a meal anywhere. But we had an enormous chicken snitzel and it was bloody good so we didn't need the garlic bread. And Kimba had said we were not in any way allowed to go to the pub that she goes to because you don't want your mum hanging around with you on a saturday night. So of course we went straight there. But she didn't really mind because I am the money tree apparently and bought her drinks. Then we had a laugh at a few strange people and I had to tell Jem to put her manners back in. Twice mind you because she's going deaf and talks really loudly. And she's really annoying because she's one of those people that as soon as you say – don't look now – turns immediately for a gawk. I wonder did anywhere else in the world see that australian interview where tom cruise told Peter to put his manners back in. Ahh good times. 

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6 thoughts on “smile

  1. Sounds like a great party for two. Go girls!
    Mr FD has a version of the don't look routine. If I say "now don't mention the war" as soon as we walk through the door he says "She told me not to mention the war " thinking he is funny and showing me up. I tell him he is just making a fool of himself and I will shorten his life as soon as we get home.

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