Vox Hunt: Summer is Here

Show us summer.

Summer for me always means trips to the beach. Well it is Australia, we're surrounded by beaches.

When I was a kid our family would get in the car and drive for about seven hours to holiday at the beach just after christmas. Dad would pack the car the night before and we'd get up and leave while it was still dark. Four of us kids squashed along the back seat of the car and the dog in the back of the station wagon. Being the youngest of the four I don't think my back ever touched the back of the seat. I was always pushed forward while they sat back. And as for sitting near a window – forget about that.

But I remember the holidays as being a lot of fun. We seemed to spend all day at the beach. I still love the beach. Although of course now I have a fear of sun cancer so I creep around under umbrellas and hats and sunscreen. Oh for the good old days of smearing yourself with reef oil and baking in the sun all day.




Hey, I think I'm wearing the same swimmers here as I am in the top photo. I can't believe my mother made me wear them for two seasons.



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13 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Summer is Here

  1. I remember my brother being badly sunburnt one year – being all red haired/pale skinned – and on the long trip home he left most of his skin from the back of his legs on the vinyl car seat. Ouch.

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