wall art tile – suspended reality

This idea just came out of my head last week. It's funny what goes on inside your head. Well my head. Lizze said to me once – where do you get all these weird ideas from? Sigh – my head is a never ending cesspit of weird ideas it seems.

I saw the girl first and fell in love with her. What a character she looks like. And then I had the building brushes from flyguydesigns.com and I was waiting for the right time to use them. And then I was watching something on TV and I heard someone say – Suspend reality and see what happens. We should all do more of that.


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11 thoughts on “wall art tile – suspended reality

  1. LOL – ha ha. I've started giving the coasters a layer of PVA around the edge to super seal them and I'm sure if I did that on a tile it would last. Still to check it out.

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