papas slidebox

I've been busy looking through the slides this week. This is not old though – not sure how it got in amongst them. This is my brothers back yard. My parents bought this place when I was 15 and I lived there until I was 18. The light is shining on Bald Hill, which is where I'd like my ashes scattered please. Of course it means everyone has to trudge up the hill for the event. But walking is good for you.

Lizzie tells me she'd like her ashes scattered there as well. I'd just like to let it be known that this is NOT TO HAPPPEN under any circumstances. The thing about my daughter is that she never shuts up. Please don't make me be trapped up there forever with her.



This is the Caxton Hotel apparently. I have no idea where it is but it looks a pretty bloody dismal place to stay. Don't get the pictures confused and throw my ashes there. Lizzie might like it though.



Heres another one of those grim looking buildings. It comes with matching buses.



And this is my Dads Nan. When I was young Dad used to tell me I looked like her which scared me. I thought I must have looked all old and wrinkly. Now I am getting old and starting to wrinkle I don't mind the idea at all. Even though she looks a bit weary, she looks a bit cheeky as well.


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9 thoughts on “papas slidebox

  1. LOL – it's going to be crowded up there on Bald Hill… isn't that where Mike wants to be scattered – and Greg? That's a lovely photo of old gran – didn't she live to be in her 90's?

  2. Not personally, but a Google search of Caxton Gibbet Hotel gives a bunch of hits for Cambridgeshire in England so I bet that's a good place to start.

  3. I agree, but perhaps its winter? I was wondering if you could make out some of the names of the buses on the originals. That might help with identification as well.

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