what type of man reads playboy?

Well obviously the type who likes to bleach his own hair. There are some nasy yellow undertones there. So does she now I look.


I think this playboy was my grandfathers. 1969. They look absolutely innocent compared to todays version. These days you see more flesh in a Womans Day.


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7 thoughts on “what type of man reads playboy?

  1. also these days the playboy man isn't as involved in the process of learning, i reckon. {stops mind before launching into bawdry one-liners.} brad pitt meets john mayer, that's who he resembles. with blindingly blond hair.

  2. Wouldn't it be great to have a "Where Are They Now?" issue? I can only imagine… But I understand your confusion over the man who reads Playboy. That's the world famous Ted Koppel Helmet, Panama Sunrise color.

  3. lol – panama sunrise, I think we call that carribean gold here,
    As for where are they now – I'd say sun cancer caught up with that guy

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