Vox Hunt: Happy Father’s Day

Show us a picture of your father.

He was pretty fancy my father. My mother tells me he was probably one of the first people in australia to wear suede shoes. When he arrived in the small country town where she lived in the early 1950's no one would have dared wear suede shoes for fear of being considered gay.

He was on a world trip and stopped to visit people he knew and he ended up staying. Don't think he was totally happy with that decision in the end. He's always had a yearning to go back to Guernsey.

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8 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Happy Father’s Day

  1. Ha ha LOL. Are you going to post a photo again in September?? I have to buy a card now but then I have always forgotten where I put it when it comes time to send it in September!

  2. yeah – they would have been a bit of a glam couple back then. When they went out they always dressed up. Mum did curlers, serious suspension underwear, proper stockings. Was fun watching her get ready.

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