Now I know the Thunder Thighs programme started on Tuesday, so its just as well I made this lemon meringue pie on Monday. It was I believe the best I've made. The lemons were from Jems tree. It was yellow, soft, lemonicious. The meringue was peaked perfection and the pastry was so light and crumbly it could almost be considered a health food.

Look you can see the little sugar condensation drops. And you can see where we picked off the pastry along the edge to nibble on.



Yummm – Can tell you now it didn't last long



oops – almost forgot this one



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19 thoughts on “lemonicious

  1. Haha! They used to be made out of whale bone, now they do not murder whales to make hellish under garments, they kill the whole earth with the production of this plastic, it is a slower death. But my Rack looks really good in it!

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