would you like a drink with that?

I saw this picture the other day and thought – Holy Crap – I really have to give up drinking.


Then I forgot all about her. I was having a wine later that night and thought to my self – hmm, hang on, there was some reason why I wasn't going to drink today. Anyway I don't wear blue eyeshadow so I'll never look that bad.

I made these cute coasters last week. Old magazine covers from twenties and thirties used here. I don't even want to talk about that little girl with the chooks. I spent a fair while extracting her from her background and just as I finished the computer did that extremely sucky thing where it says

windows has encountered a problem – this programme must close

And you're screaming NOOOOO and tapping keys. But it's all in vain. It closes. So I had to do her again.


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15 thoughts on “would you like a drink with that?

  1. Very cute-iful! Dump Windows before it dumps you again ;)I'm trying to picture you with your face and body painted in team colors, a chili dog in one fist and a pitcher of beer in the other. It's just not working for me. I think you're safe from manwomanhood.

  2. House Beautiful, Coaster Cute. Manwoman looks like she'd appear on the cover of the (trashy) Weekly World News as Ohio Mother Spawns Alien Offspring. And the lead would read: "I had no idea how much I drunk. The bar was closing. I couldn't tell you his name. Only that he had two heads. I just thought I was seeing double. I'm for sure staying off the drink now on." I don't windows, not Windows. Hope it rights itsself.

  3. Maybe we'd better drink Kahlua/Bailey's/Tia Maria or anything that's milky if we really want to drink since they say milk is good for our skin and health? LOL

  4. I thought for a moment you were staying off the drink from now on. Thought she'd scared you off it. The more I look at her the more it's working with me. Maybe I should print her out and put her on the fridge.

  5. where the heck you get that idea?! oh, that ax-through-the-head headache a few weekends back? pfffshawww. putting that pic on the fridge would be most excellent. as a dieter.

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