Vox Hunt: Say Cheese

Show us a smile.

My sibs. Love it.



And my mother and brother. Love it as well.


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14 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Say Cheese

  1. There's just nothing that brings out the character of a person more than a smile. Oh, and the people at the library were looking at me strange because I was trying to figure out your new do. The Librarians were rather apprehensive when I picked up the monitor and turned it upside down in an attempt to read what it says. They get all funny like that…can't imagine why. 🙂

  2. We're a pretty good family. We hardly see each other or talk to each other but when we do get together we all get along. They're all older than me so I didn't get to hang out much with them when we were kids.

  3. Well, actually I was hoping you'd tell me…I put the monitor down when the Librarian's spectacles fell the length of the string she wears around her neck and shortly after the ball point pen sprang up to the little red retractable thingy she wears on her blouse. I managed to set it gently down even before her hair escaped the boundaries of her bun. This time, anyway. So, uh, no…didn't quite understand the Micheangelo code. 🙂

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