papas slidebox

This is one of my all time favourite pictures. My father, out getting some fresh air with my sister and I. Thats me with the red shirt looking worried. Probably wondering where the life jackets are. I'm not sure why we have those awful haircuts. When I was a kid I don't think I ever saw my father without a smoke. He smoked over 50 a day. I think it was 80 actually. Four packs a day.


And this goodyear building looks a cheery place to work. All that beige. But at least you could still open a window.


And this pale green building. With two green vehicles out front.


This is a bit later. My sister and I in either a wheat or sorghum crop. I'm the young one. We did this many times over the years. Papa was the photographer for the local paper and every year when the crops started to look good he'd come and get a couple of us and we'd have to go and stand in the crop to show how tall and healthy it was. And we always had to wear a red top. And those heads of the crop we had to touch and look interested in were very itchy. And those green leaves are sharp.

And here is my Dad with a couple of dogs. We always seemed to have plenty of dogs. Working dogs, because we had sheep. They were those farm dogs that live in logs. But they were well looked after and loved. These guys have lovely glossy coats.



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8 thoughts on “papas slidebox

  1. I really enjoy looking at these pics and hearing the stories behind them. Emjay and Flamingo Dancer…and Robbbiedobbbie…and emily sears…and a few other neighbors will do this from time to time, and to me it's better than reading a book. I will have to go back and see more of these in your blog. 🙂

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