Friday 13th – hey mr dj

Friday already. Wonder what happened to that week.

So this week is an easy one.

I shall put my ipod on shuffle and tell you the first 13 songs that play.

This could be embarrassing (never know the amount of r's and s's required there). Any way it could be shameful because I just fill my ipod randomly from the itunes library and it is shared by five people. They range from a 15 year old girl to a tragic 42 year old man who can't find his way out of the 80's.

So here goes. I'll pick from Cats Really Final playlist. I have four playlists. Cat Is Sleeping. Cat is Walking. Cats Final and Cats Really Final.

1. The Wrong Side of Town – The Beautiful Girls (May have to be australian to know them)

2. Red Dress – Sugarbabes

3. Criminal – Fiona Apple

4. Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Nirvana

5. The Icicle Melts – The Cranberries

6. Lounge Fly – Stone Temple Pilots

7. The Way You See Me – Chris Abrahams and Melanie Oxley (Have to be australian maybe)

8. Lived In Bars – Cat Power – story of my life that one

9. Fishermans Woman – Emilliana Torrini

10. Shake It – Lee Caberra

11. Gods Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash

12. Groove is in the Heart – Deee-Lite – will never fail to make me move, no matter how old I am. Deee-groovy.

13. Every Fucking City – Paul Kelly. Hey, thats already over there in my music. Go listen to it. Funny.

Well that wasn't too bad. I was expecting Brittney Spears or Ashely Simpson to pop up. Believe me, I do a lot of fast forwarding. Although there seems to be a 90's thing happening.




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6 thoughts on “Friday 13th – hey mr dj

  1. lol – look at you, you even know how to spell Ashlee the right way. Another one that keeps popping up is Avril. And I know Jessica Simpson has a newbie out as well so that'll be in there soon.

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