QotD: Pet Names

What are the goofy nicknames you have for your pet? Bonus points for sharing a picture of him/her.
Submitted by Papi Chulo.

Well, first we have Pumpy. Thats his real name, not his nickname. He had a few nicknames, all our animals do. It's no wonder they never come when we call them. They have no idea who they are.

Anyway for a while Pumpy was Tuan. You pronounce it Twuan. Thats was the name of our doctor and there was a small child visiting us once and there was confusion and he thought the cat was Tuan. So it sounded funny so thats what we called him. Oh look, there's Tuan.


And here he is with Tossy. Who became known as Mr John Hossy. But you have to say it as if you're a presenter on a game show and you're calling him down as a contestant. With a drawn out John.


And here he is again with Big Man. Not camera shy was he. Big Man was Little Man but he grew and we had to change his name. But his other name was Costas. As in Costas Two Bucks.


And here we have my dog Graeme. She was without a doubt the best dog around. I had her for 17 years before Betty. She used to like to wear a green scarf. And she knew she looked damn fine in it as well. She was also known as Kenny. Which then became Ken Kennerson.



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11 thoughts on “QotD: Pet Names

  1. wonderful names for clearly wonderful critters!
    I had a cat briefly who loved baskets. I called him Sam. My roommate adopted him when I moved (he didn't get along with my other cat), and she renamed him Schmool. Everytime I see a picture of a cat in a basket I fondly remember Schmool. (It's a Hebrew name that I have probably misspelt).

  2. lol – well I'm sure no one will take you to task over the spelling. We had a cat who liked to get in boxes them rip them into a million pieces

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