Cat’s indulgences

The government is contributing to my alcohol problem.

Here in australia we have a huge drinking culture. Everyone drinks. Matter of fact, I'm drinking now. And we are a nation of binge drinkers.

And apparently no one likes a drink more than teenage girls. Once you hit 13, its game on. They love all those premixed bottles of brilliant coloured grog that we now call alcopops. Do you know that the manufacturers of those bottles even made them smaller so they were a more comfortable fit for a girls hand. I wish they'd been around when I was 13. Would've saved me from the nasty rubbish I had to drink.

So the government decided something must be done,  so they have raised the tax on alcopops. They figure if they make them expensive enough, teenagers won't be able to afford them. And this is where my problem arises.

I'm normally a wine drinker. Or a vodka drinker. Hmm, vodka, lime and soda. However on Fridays I buy myself a 375ml bottle of premix smirnoff black. It's a treat. But when I went to buy it last week, due to the new tax, that one drink of premix was going to cost me $6. So I look around and see that for a couple of extra dollars I can buy a whole bottle of wine. So thats what I did. So instead of my one drink, I now have four. And thats just my treat.

So why isn't it just going to be the same for teenagers. They'll think, well hell, I can buy a cask of wine for not much more than one 375ml bottle of alcopop. Kids aren't stupid. They always find a way around things.



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17 thoughts on “Cat’s indulgences

  1. True. I probably won't find out nearly half of the stuff the Ninjettes have got up to until I'm on my death bed. Teen girls especially… they're way too bloody smart for the average dad.

  2. i also have a drink right now. And I completely agree. They will find a way around it.. When i drank underage we usually bought a bottle of vodka between four of us and mixed it. Cheap, and because we were all cadburys got us more than drunk.. meanwhile i also love vodka lime and soda (how good) and double blacks, although they are way too sweet to get drunk on… i think alcopops make you sick from all the sugar before you get sick from the booze…

  3. lol – you were classy as a young chick (sure you still are now) – we stuck to the passion pop and blackberry nip.
    I only have the one smirnoff because they are so sweet – don't know how they throw back a six pack

  4. I cant drink anymore and everywhere I seem to look someone is drinking, or someone is talking about drinks! Its seriously driving me round the bend!
    Count me in the voddie club, I will be in the club and I will be the designated driver and watch you all drink and possibly inhale the beautiful aroma of the empty bottles.

  5. I too have a drink beside me now. I wouldn't necessarily immediately conclude that the higher tax will incite a switch to wine — unless it is sweet. Youths, especially the females, will by and large prefer sweet over the flavor of wines and spirits preferred by adults. That's my prediction.

  6. maybe not wine – but there's plenty of other nasty cheaper sweet things out there. I think you can get casks of summer wine – and even though the name suggests lovely times ahead, I'm pretty sure it's sickly sweet.

  7. Well, here in DC some of the Wards have banned the sale of single malt liquors (40oz can). This is to supposedly to stop beggars from being able to buy it from panhandling proceeds. They would have to beg more money to be able to afford a 6pack. Not sure how effective this is in the long run.

  8. lol – always find it funny how people have a problem with beggars spending their money on alcohol, drugs and fags, when thats what everyone else spends their money on.

  9. I remember going to a cousin's wedding and drinking 1/2 a bottle of pink champagne, just so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone.
    I threw up on my (open-toed) shoes. Then I had some talking to do!
    I agree with you, Cat – kids will find a way to get something, especially if it's the wrong thing.

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