Big Girl Panties

I always have to wear the big girl panties. Pisses me off sometimes. Sometimes I think I'd like to be the pathetic useless type for a while. And I've tried. I lie on the lounge and attempt it, but I get bored pretty quickly and just get up and get on with it.

The line that most annoys me is:

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Thats really gonna piss me off


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15 thoughts on “Big Girl Panties

  1. you should've seen the ones I wore when I was pregnant – thay came all the way up and over – could almost tuck them into my bra

  2. I hate that too – both wearing the big girl panties and the quote you picked out, though I hate the quote more for its insidious subjugation of the masses than for any other implications.

  3. Ouch. {rubs ears} Firstly, do not call it Frisco. Only the tourists call it that, it's considered "hick." It's San Francisco or the City amid the locals. SF has long been one of the gayest cities in the country and world.

  4. lol – over here shorten all words and put an o or y on the end. If your name is dave you'll end up davo, john will become johnno, newcastle is newy, freemantle becomes freeo, afternoon is arvo. etc. We are a land of hicks.

  5. haha. I get 'em all except arvo … how do ya get arvo outta afternoon? … although now that i think on it, i could imagine it as a slur after a few too many beers in the afternoon …

  6. See you this arvo – lol, and it ends up thisarvo as one word. Don't tell me we're the only people in the world who call a glass of chardonay a chardy?

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