happy birthday to you

So my eldest daughter, Kimba,  turns 20 today.

If you ask me what sticks in my mind from that day I'd have to say – The Lamb Chops.

I'd had a long day of labour, just over, Kimba had been taken away for the weigh in, clean up and I was lying there feeling the way you do after giving birth. Bewildered and overwhelmed. Then one of the food ladies walked in and handed me a plate full of lamb chops and mashed potato. It was so far down the list of things I would have liked right then that it was one of the funniest things I'd seen.

So that sticks vividly in my mind. And the screaming lady next door. Nothing quite like trying to mind your business and have a baby when someone is screaming their head off in the labour ward next door.

So the lamb chops and the screaming lady. Oh yeah, and the poor woman with the enormous breasts. She had a problem with excessive milk and a couple of times a day they'd hook her up to a machine to drain some out, take the pressure off.

So the lamb chops, the screaming lady and the woman (who we named Maria) on the milking machine.

So twenty years – even though that time has passed quickly, when I look back it seems like fifty years ago.

To think they start out so sweet




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21 thoughts on “happy birthday to you

  1. Well done to both you and Kimba! It's a big milestone in anyone's language. I had to laugh about the milking machine. When the Queen had our first Ninjette, there was a lady in the next bed who had one of these things going. I swear it sounded like moo-ing!! The machine I mean… or was it her???

  2. Happy Birthday to Kimba! I work with a woman who gives expensive jewellery gifts to her daughters-in-law on the grandchildren's birthdays!

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