Vox Hunt: I’ve Got My Eye on You

Show us your gorgeous eyes.
Submitted by [Susan].

Not mine – but Lizzies. And don't think she doesn't know how to use them.

From the time she was a toddler, whenever we went anywhere, people would ooh and ahh over her eyes. Hasn't she got beautiful eyes they'd say. I knew they were creating a monster. She soon cottoned on to the fact that, hmmm, maybe I can use these babies to my advantage.

You just try and make her leave the house without eyeliner on. Actually thats where the nickname comes from. Lizzie, because she has Liz Taylor eyes.


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18 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: I’ve Got My Eye on You

  1. eyes are the keys to your soul…
    my boyfriend eyes tell me he loves me…
    mine says i wish i had a job but i love you too hunny…
    my friends says i'm depressed with my babygirl because my hubby is in iraq…
    my mom's says i'm worn out but well loved…
    i love your icon's pic!!! candy

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