Vox Hunt: Wedding Bells

Show us a photograph from a wedding.
Submitted by Connie.

Firstly, I wish that anorexic man would go away from my vox home page. He looks very unhealthy. I know he's done well losing all that weight but I just don't like the look of him.

However. Wedding photos. This is my Nan on her wedding day. I'm guesing this would've been 1930 ish



This is my Mum and Dad. Hmmm, mid fifties maybe. Love how dressed up everyone is. Especially that lady on the left – didn't anyone tell her not to wear a long white dress to someone elses wedding.



And this was just something I made for some reason. But the beautiful background of flowers was drawn and painted by Kimba. Honestly, I can't imagine them looking at each other that happily.

And Candy if you're out there I tried to leave you a comment but vox is foxing around again and wouldn't let me. I was going to tell you

1. Cool sunnies

2. Every time I hear that just one glass of wine a day increases your risk of getting breast cancer by an alarming amount, I pretend I didn't hear.

And Sherry I tried to tell you that your daughter is a stunner – gorgeous eyes.

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8 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Wedding Bells

  1. ooh – I'll have to go and have a look. I wonder if it's one of those things where I have to lie to make my life sound more interesting.

  2. what's sunnies? and yeah i love wine… but i'll stop if the find cancer in my mom… which she is freaking out because a year ago her sister died at the age of 45 from an unknown cancer that just spread throughout her… so now my mom is getting super tested… and i guess i should worry too…


  3. lol – your sunnies are your sunglasses – those white ones you had on. Thats what we call them here.
    My mother has had breast cancer as well. She was in her seventies though.

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