hair bear

I'm in dire need of a haircut. Or at least a pair of thinning scissors. But of course I hate going to the hairdresser. I hate the whole boring, time wasting experience. And I hate paying a small fortune to get what I didn't want.

Then a friend said to me

Why don't you call Robin?

It seems Robin is a hairdresser who comes to your home. And she's cheap as chips because I don't have to pay for her electricity, her water rates, her superannuation or her stupid magazines. So I can pay her half the amount to get something I don't want in the comfort of my own home.

So she's coming in the morning. And as well as a haircut we're going to discuss a way to blend in my grey roots. Which are coming at an alarming rate. She's even allowed time in case I want a colour.

But then I had a thought. When you go to the hairdresser they put on the colour then leave you and go see to another client. But what does Robin do while my colour is on? Do I have to entertain her, or can I leave her in front of the television while I do other things?

Maybe I should wear my anti-socialite tshirt to make it clear to her how I feel about things. I'm the one on the right.



I'm thinking a fringe. Even though I always regret a fringe. But I'm feeling a strong urge for a thick fringe. And what the hell, it's only hair – it grows back.

Don't worry – I'm under no illusion that what I end up with will at all resemble the picture I have picked out.

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20 thoughts on “hair bear

  1. Maybe she expects you to be all warm and fuzzy over a cup of coffee on the couch! Coming to the house is very common here – though I have not done it – but thinking about it now that I have to commute on the metro over an hour to get to my old one!

  2. I hate making small talk with hair dressers – just cut me hair please. My current hair dresser actually stops cutting when she speaks so any conversation can extend the time if my hair cut to forever.

  3. I agree, a cup of java should suffice. Or, if you want to be doubly assured she'll leave you alone, give her lunch money. Or say you've got a million tasks to accomplish like readjusting the carburetor for starters or reroofing and will she kindly excuse you. I'm certain I could come up with a zillion other ways to get rid of someone if these don't suffice so just ask. And enjoy your new 'do! I see the fringe happenin' …

  4. lol – that would drive me insane. My last one used to have a very annoying habit – as soon as I'd arrive she'd say 'won't be a second', then go outside for a smoke. As if I had all day to sit around.

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