QotD: Step into My Closet

How many pair of shoes do you have? Out of those pairs, how many do you wear more than a few times a year?
Submitted by fightinggale.

Because my feet are freakishly narrow and thin, my shoe choices are limited to anything that has laces. Then I can pull the laces nice and tight, thats after I've put an arch in them and sometimes two pairs of socks.

So I only have two pairs of shoes. Joggers and boots. In summer I wear the boots with dresses.

Australia does not cater for the skinny foot. Plenty of shops have wide sizes but the narrowest you can go is a C size. And I sit somewhere between AA and AAA. My sister lives in the US now so I had her post me a pair of sandals which were good for a while. But they eventually stretch and I slide right through them. So I stick to the boots. I love boots anyway, feel nice and safe in them. Except I always get rocks stuck in the tread. I have a different pair of boots for going out. They're real skull crushers.

So my shoe wardrobe is pretty basic. I do have a pair of thongs that I wear as slippers but I have to wear socks with them as well. Thats a real classy look. Thongs and socks.


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5 thoughts on “QotD: Step into My Closet

  1. omg, i so want to move to australia right now!! i've got the good german wide feet and have a helluva time sometimes finding women's shoes in the states to accommodate, unless they're labeled "wide." thongs and socks, a very classy look indeed! especially if they're white.

  2. typical – they never have what you need where you are. As for white socks and thongs I like to pretend I'm O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill.

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