mothers day


When I wake up in the morning it will be mothers day. Over the years I've never really felt like a mother. I'm not the mummy type.

But I know that I am one.

I know because it's Saturday night and my 18 year old son was supposed to be home form work over an hour ago.

I know because of the worry I start to feel.

Of course he's just off with his friends not giving my worrying a thought.

I know because I rang him.

So all you mothers – have a good one.

Of course they don't look like this anymore but it's probably the only photo I have where they're all smiling and I wouldn't be a mother without them.

And a call out to my Mum – cool sunnies. Thats little me, probably thinking about the sun cancer I'm going to get later in life.


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19 thoughts on “mothers day

  1. Even mums who are not the 'mummy type' can be great mothers. I think you have done a great job. That is a really nice tile of you & mum (who also was not really the mummy type!).

  2. In a more caring and sharing way. When we got pay TV I couldn't believe how many of those kind of shows you guys have. We don't have any.

  3. Because we're a shallow, crass, materialistic, increasingly dumbed-down society that loves cheap entertainment and mean-spirited TV shows. For what it's worth, you do know that most of the drama queens and kings on J. Springer are hired actors? …

  4. Great looking kids, Cat. you done good!
    Love the photo of you and your mother too. I should scan some in of me and my mum. I was born in 1967 so mum looks like a real groovy late 60's chick in some of those photos (ie, before having the rest of the kids wore her down!).

  5. I haven't seen much Springer, but I'd hate to think those people are as dumb as they seem. So I guess it's a good thing they're actors.

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