Vox Hunt: Spice Things Up

Calling all food voyeurs: Show us what's in your fridge or cupboard.
Submitted by Kadeeae.

Well I made two lamb pies yesterday. Good old aussie lamb. And there is a small piece left. I don't eat meat but I can still appreciate looking at a nice pie.


And there would be a piece of this chocolate pudding that Lizzie made for us last night, except we live with an 18 year old boy and they like to make sure everything in the fridge is eaten. Anything edible anywhere in the house in fact.  

Mmmm, rivers of chocolate sauce.


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11 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Spice Things Up

  1. I think he's feeding up inpreparation of going hungry for a few months.
    The lamb cooked for 2 hours with carrot, potato, stock, tomato paste. worcestershire sauce and gravy powder. And rosemary. Looked good and rich.

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