papas slidebox

Cool cars

More cars – this looks like a club or motel car park. Well not much of a motel. No wait there's a petrol bowser out the front.

This is probably somewhere I should know. I would be cold in there.

Anyone know this place. It's probably been dwarfed by other buildings now. Like Australia Square. We were all pretty impressed with that when they first built it. Now you hardly notice it.

And lets say Russia.Mind you just because I say that doesn't mean it is. Could be in Asia somewhere for all I took notice in geography. I'd like a look in there. Bet he was pissed off at that woman who walked in front of him.

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16 thoughts on “papas slidebox

  1. I do believe the circular buildings on the cover of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album and are in Chicago. This is weirding me out a bit because I just listened to that album today for the first time in a couple of years, and then walking home about 2 hours ago afternoon I noticed that a certain cylindrical apartment building in Seattle looked a bit like them.

  2. Spooky.
    Wow – good work. They must have been something special when they were first built. So that means he must have taken this photo on their second trip.
    I'm enjoying papas slides as well.

  3. I enjoy his pictues as well. I'm impressed with the degree of control he used on his exposures. I can't figure out weather he's using Etachrome or Kodachrome and on some of the earlier photos you've posted seemed like he was using Kokak's Tri-Pan. I may not even be close…but it is good photography.

  4. The circular building are called Marina Towers. They are part of a complex on the Chicago River called Marina City. I was born and raised in Chicago and the buildings are still they. They house condos, a hotel and a House of Blues. They were also on the Wilco cover, and were featured in a Steve MCQueen movie where a stuntman drove a car off the parking garage levels into the river.

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