nice day for a white wedding…

That was the song we played when I walked down the aisle. We were such bogans. Today is our wedding anniversary. We don't usually remember until a few days too late. I only knew it was today because Daz came and asked me last tuesday did I want to go out that night for our anniversary. I said 'I don't think it is our anniversary'. So I had it on my mind.

So 19 years married, 23 living together and 1 hanging out before that as friends.

As everyone's is, my wedding day was memorable.

I woke up that morning with my period for a start. I mean really, maybe the only day in your life you have a white dress picked out to wear and can't make a last minute change.

Then my back had a muscle spasm and I had huge pain and my right hip moved up and I was stuck in a funny bent over position. Sort of like I was pushing a lawnmower. So I went to the doctor and he gave me enough drugs to get me upright and pain free.

I went to the hairdresser with my bridesmaid and when we left the car wouldn't start so I had to push it.

I went home to get dressed and realised why girls wear button up shirts when they have their hair done. Not tight tshirts like I did.

Then off we went to the wedding. Me, Daz, Bubbles (bridesmaid)  and Wig Boy (best man). I guess we must have been early because I remember being parked on the side of a country road outside the venue, sitting on the bonnet of the car while they had a cigarette.

It rained.

But Kimba got to come. Yes, she was a bastard child. After we were married a letter came from the registry saying "the child has been legitimised".


Here I am with my Dad. He was in pretty good shape then. No way he'd be able to walk me down the aisle now.

I don't have any scanned wedding photos with my husband in them. Poor dear. But here is a nice one where we appear to have matching mullets. You wouldn't believe how many people used to comemnt on how nice my hair looked then. Notice my nice black jag we are leaning on. That was wiped out in a massive hail storm. Had holes right through it. The girls seem to find this photo hysterically funny. I think he still wears that jacket.

 And this is a recent one that I like even though the quality is crap. We were at the under 16 AFL game. And even though it is riveting watching 15 year old boys run around on a wet winters night playing football we were messing around with Dazs new phone.


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22 thoughts on “nice day for a white wedding…

  1. It must almost be over now, but I hope you two had a great day. Loving the mullets, though it does make me thankful that I didn't know KT when he had his, or when he had his undercut and long ponytail. Eeek.
    I recently found out that when I got married to the kid's dad, we should have re-registered Number One Son as he wasn't legitimate. No-one told us at the time and it was only because I needed replacement birth certificates for everyone that someone from the registry office mentioned it. When I told him that his 18 year reign as a little bastard was over he was devastated!

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