The baby alice. And other good ideas.

I wonder how this idea worked out for the inventor. Can't imagine it staying sanitary or comfortable for long. 


I watched a movie once and they poured draino down a mans throat. Wonder if she's ever considered that idea.


This is what Waterbaby looks like after a week or so of sleepless nights.


Now this looks like something my neighbour fed me one christmas day. Except it had chicken in it. A masterpiece.


And as for this lovely platter. It's not really the first thing I'd consider if  I was thinking Lite. Actually Kimba is thinking of having a '70's birthday party and I said – you have got to have mashed potato rolled in devon. Because thats a real treat.


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4 thoughts on “The baby alice. And other good ideas.

  1. Have you really had mashed potato in devon??? (I don't think people here will know what devon is… I think bologna is the closest).Isn't Ponds a "vanishing" cream?

  2. They had it at a 21'st I went to. And it wasn't in the 70's either. A friend of Daz. very hard to eat. Needs a lot of fluid to get it down.

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