four things to know about me

well it's 4 x 4 actually so thats 16. I was tagged. I used to be good at tag, being a fast runner.

Four Jobs I've Had:

Girl Friday – do they still call them that. What did they do for the rest of the week anyway. It was with an accountant and one of my girlish duties was to sit out the back and operate some huge machine that you put numbers in. I don't know what it was called but it seemed pre historic.

Cafe Worker and Sandwich Maker at the submarine base in Sydney. That was good fun.

Secretary for a Psychiatrist. It was in a heroin and alcohol rehabilitation centre, so always some action going on. Clients would come out of jail and get on the methadone programme and live in one of the houses we operated and try to get back on track. Two of her clients were caught in Bangkok smuggling heroin and spent a long time in jail there. She went over for the trial and brought me back a pewter pendant.

Book keeper – that sounds so dull and dreary but it's paid the bills for a while now.

Four Places I've Lived:

Country NSW, where it was hot and red and flat. You could look for miles to the horizon and not see a bump in the ground. It was all sheep and wheat and dust storms.


Country NSW – where it was all green and hilly. We moved when I was 15. When we trucked the cattle in and put them into the paddocks, they looked at those hills and said WTF? – you expect me to walk up that! And they didn't for months. Just milled about at the bottom.


Sydney – then

Country NSW

Four TV SHows I Watch
Life on Mars
CSI – the original
So You Think You Can Dance
Cold Case

Four Places I've Been on Holiday:
Fraser Island
Daydream Island
Coffs Harbour – sorry couldn't think of anywhere else

Four of my favourite dishes:

Nibbles and finger food. I'd like to live like Cher did in Mermaids and just live on finger food and dips.
Nachos – my homemade ones
Avocado – I know it's not a dish but I like to just eat it with a spoon or smear it on a biscuit

Chicken Schnitzel with pepper gravy and chips. I don't know why that left a gap but schnitzel deserves it's own line.

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

My vox friends and neighbours

madeit - where you can buy australian handmade things. Such as the funky felt badges made by annalaura who tagged me.

My bank site – but I won't give you a link to that.

art quirks - when I first stumbled on to that place I thought I'd never post any of my work there. I thought they were just about the cleverest bunch of people I'd seen. Some great artists there.

So thats it – feel free to tag yourself.



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