Love me love my dog. And my cheesecake.

If any one is on a diet or has a dairy allergy don't even look at these pictures.

The amount of fat that went into this cheesecake was substantial. There were two packs of cream cheese, a carton of sour cream, half a carton of cream and a family block of white chocolate.

It is a tiramasu cheesecake. Not bad, although I'm more a savoury than a sweet. The base is made from sponge finger biscuits soaked in coffee. I tell you, you don't want to inhale while you're eating those sponge fingers, they could kill you. Dry little suckers. Until they hit the coffee of course.

Excuse the grainy effect – flash was not in action.



And this is the dog element of the story. Totally unrelated to the cheesecake, just that I saw her while I was eating the cheesecake. When I was buying my three piece leather lounge I wasn't taking Betty into consideration and I'm not really sure how she ended up taking ownership of the single seater. But she has and because she's old and we're heading into winter she has to be tucked up at night. Because her legs are all stiff. And she has a nasty congestion problem. Less said about that the better though.



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19 thoughts on “Love me love my dog. And my cheesecake.

  1. Chezza I can assure you that betty is far from very cute. Far far away. Definitely lunch time, wow where did the day go. Can you eat that sort of stuff yet?

  2. Sorry. I'll take her, snot and all. Brindly doggies make my knees wobbly. I'll let you and Chezza share the cheesecake while I make off with Miss Betty. heh heh heeeehhh…

  3. Give me a dog, that dog, over a cheesecake any ol' day of the week. In fact, I'll give up whatever it is they give up during Lent for belly rubs. (errr, me to her in case that wasn't clear.)

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  5. No I cannot eat that yummy stuff yet or ever :-(Unless you made a special gluten free one for me. I am afraid I have Coeliacs Disease which I will have for life so no wheat, barley, BEER and lots of other grains. Rice is good. Anyway no big deal, that is the least of my worries as that can be controlled by diet. Of course looking at that yummy dessert is torture. So I shall look at Betty who IS cute all wrapped up like a baby.

  6. Wow, that cheese cake looks amazing Cat.
    Poor old Betty. What a gorgeous girl. We also have an old dog who is getting stiff in the legs. Have you tried Cartrophen shots for her? they worked well for our Mollie although expecting to have to go in for another now that the cold weather starting again. Mollie is 14yo now.

  7. She's due for her anual checkup so will ask. She had surgery on it a few years ago and it's been dodgy since then. She jumped off the cubby house verandah and ended up with the same injury to her knee that footballers get.

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